About us

Colour Collective UK is an initiative established in January 2018 in Newcastle as an independent, non-profit organisation to form an exciting, forward-thinking group interested in the dissemination of all aspects of colour.

Originally Colour Collective UK began its life in 2016 as the Northern Chapter of the Colour Group (GB), hosting a range of exciting events from Science to Art and beyond.

Our group is particularly interested in creating cross-disciplinary events which illustrate the magic of colour in all its breadth.  With the support of both Newcastle University and Northumbria University, Colour Collective UK is set to evolve into a forum for anyone interested in colour from its perception to its application.  We run on donations and sponsorship, allowing free access to all events. All events are tailored to the general public so no prior background knowledge is required.

“Colour is truly fluid: it spills over subjects and seeps between disciplines; and no one area can mop it up and claim a privileged or proprietorial relationship with the subject.”

Batchelor, 2008


As a non-profit organisation we rely on our community to help fund our events so that we are able to provide activities for our members free of charge. We are fortunate enough to be sponsored by the following bodies:

From creating fine art to conserving it; from animation to film, theatre and television, through to arts management and teaching, Northumbria University Arts department is a dynamic and stimulating environment and works with a range of high profile cultural partners.

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Karen Haller is a leading international authority in the field of applied colour psychology, specialising in business brand colour, interiors, healthcare and wellbeing. Having studied colour for over 20 years she understands how colour affects us, influences us and how businesses and designers can use it to influence behaviour.

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Our leadership

​Steering our fantastic organisation is our passionate and experienced voluntary leadership team. All of this would not be possible without their collective efforts. Read on to find out more about our board.

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